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With 97% of consumers searching for businesses online, it has never been more important for you company to establish a VISIBLE online presence.
In fact, 75% of searchers never go past page one of the results.

If you are a local business, did you know you could be missing out on a huge piece of the pie if you?re not easy to find in the local listings and organic search results?

There are a wide range of factors that determine how highly you rank, but figuring it all out can be confusing for any business owner who is not trained or knowledgeable in this area.

However, it?s something that cannot be ignored if you want to get in front of your target audience online while they?re searching for your type of product or service.

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Next Advantage Coaching is focused on helping you get more customers through your doors with our proven search engine optimization strategies. With 9 years of experience, our local search engine optimization experts know exactly what the search engines are looking for when it comes to ranking your website.

iFrames in Facebook: Why You Should Make the Switch

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iFrames In Facebook

If you?ve noticed, iframes in facebook is the talk of the town here lately. These new changes can be a great benefit to fanpage owners. iFrames has many features that will help with the effectiveness and look of your pages. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your fan page to iFrames.

Whats All the Fuss

Many people are confused about iFrames. Some people are worried about not being able to use FBML code (Facebook?s own code); others are concerned about having to host their images. Facebook now requires all pages be hosted outside. So, why did Facebook make these changes if their old way was working? Fan pages have great potential, ...

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Are you Using Social Media for your Business?

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Using Social Media For Business

Those who own businesses large and small are aware of the importance of using social media, plus the recent explosion of Facebook fan pages attests to its proven success. Generating a business page on Facebook is the starting point to produce the most of social media, but maximizing this online networking tool puts social media marketing to work in powerful ways.

Once the demands of owning a business require the majority of your time, attention and finances, social media networking may fall to the bottom of a “to-do” list. Perhaps one has realized the desire for a Facebook fan page in addition to your business website, but neglect its ...

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Hottest Social Network in the World

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Facebook: The Hottest Social Network

The global popularity of Facebook has revolutionized communication around the world. Benefiting businesses and linking friends across continents, Facebook is the world-wide social network of choice for socializing and networking. With Facebook, people can make friends and generate income, which is why Facebook is the hottest social network in the world.

In recent years, many have tried to replicate the success of Facebook with new social networking sites that just never measure up to Facebook?s user-friendly system that has won global acclaim. Facebook reunites long-long friends, connects new acquaintances and allows for effortless business networking like never before.

It is no coincidence that Facebook is the hottest social network in ...

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Search Engine Optimization Terms Explained

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Search Engine Optimization Terms Explained

As Search Engine Optimization is highly technical, there are many specialized terms used when discussing this topic. In this post, search engine optimization terms are explained so you can understand them better (and the difference between them).


SEO stands for ?Search Engine Optimization.? It?s a set of techniques used by an SEO Consultant to improve your website?s rankings in the search engines for a particular set of keywords, or keyword phrases. (more on this topic in a bit)
SEM stands for ?Search Engine Marketing? and is being used more and more by search engine professionals.

In addition to the standard SEO techniques, SEM Consultants also specialize in:

Creating Pay-Per-Click Campaigns ...

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