iFrames in Facebook: Why You Should Make the Switch

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iFrames In Facebook

If you?ve noticed, iframes in facebook is the talk of the town here lately. These new changes can be a great benefit to fanpage owners. iFrames has many features that will help with the effectiveness and look of your pages. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your fan page to iFrames.

Whats All the Fuss

Many people are confused about iFrames. Some people are worried about not being able to use FBML code (Facebook?s own code); others are concerned about having to host their images. Facebook now requires all pages be hosted outside. So, why did Facebook make these changes if their old way was working? Fan pages have great potential, and Facebook wanted to help the pages become all that they can be.

These new changes may take time to adjust to. There are some new things that fan page owners may need to learn, but the benefits outweigh the learning curve. Below are some of the benefits that you will encounter as an iFrames style Facebook fan page owner.

Benefits of iFrames In Facebook

With iFrames, your fan page can look and feel like a traditional website. You can add many pages, links, videos and more. You can enhance and customize your fan page any way you like it. Your fan page can now be as personalized as you want it. IFrames makes it possible to add your own background images, logos and more.

The old Facebook fan page owners know that designers really had most of the control of the look and performance of the fan pages. They could code the pages any way they wanted and that could be detrimental to the fan page owner. IFrames in facebook give you the control. You will be able to eliminate the designers and save yourself money.

There are designers who are familiar with iFrames that can do designs for people who are not technologically able to do it themselves. These designers only charge a one-time fee to plant the code on your website. You will no longer have to pay for creators to host your code.

You can conduct sales from your iFrames style fan page. You have the potential to make money with your fan page. People can browse, shop and purchase things without ever leaving your Facebook fan page.

This is an exciting time for the hottest social network. The new iFrames in Facebook give you the ability to use customization tools, better navigation, more money in your pocket and less hassle. You should make the change to the iFrames style fan page today. The change can be good for everyone, especially businesses.

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